Surety Bonding

Maxwell Insurance Group is a provider of specialized bonding markets with offices in Monroe, Shreveport, and Tyler to best serve our clients. We work with clients on financial statement presentation, bonding market placement, rate structures, capacity considerations, indemnity solutions, contractual reviews, funds control, collateral options and overall consulting strategies.

  • We provide a variety of bond programs for contractors of any size and any industry.
  • We represent numerous Surety Companies which are all listed on the U. S. Department of Treasury’s listing of approved Surety Bond Companies and all of which whom have excellent AM Best Financial ratings.
  • We offer many fast track surety programs for small contractors with varying levels of experience.  A common fast track bonding program operates on a capacity is up to $350,000 for single bonds and $700,000 aggregate program.
  • We have direct & personal relationships with senior level management with many bonding companies so that our customers can develop a great relationship with us together with the bonding.
  • In obtaining surety credit, you can rely on our expertise to guide you through the journey of maintaining a bond line that fits the surety’s risk appetite.

Our surety services include:

  • Bid Bonds -Bid bonds assure the project owner that the contractor can obtain a performance bond should the bid be accepted
  • Performance Bonds – Performance bonds promise that the contractor will perform the job as agreed upon.
  • Payment Bonds – Payment bonds can be obtained in tandem with a performance bond or individually. Payment bonds promise that the job will be completed free of liens.
  • Maintenance bonds – Maintenance bonds are required for larger projects. They promise that the job will be completed free of defects for a specified period of time.
  • Supply Bonds
  • Liscense and Permit Bonds