Safety, Training & Compliance Services

dreamstime_xs_53302431The Maxwell Insurance Group provides a value added  safety, training & compliance program through our safety consultant, Zywave. This relationship enables us to provide unlimited resources for our customers with the latest in USDOT & OHSAA compliance in the energy, construction and transportation industries. This product also helps us effectively communicate safety within the workplace for our clients. In addition to this service, we also manage your account online with 3rd party compliance companies such as ISNET world, PICs, PEC, Veriforce, Cert Con, and ICA to make sure your insurance is up to date with the latest certificates of insurance and appropriate forms and endorsements.

Research has proven that there is a significant dollar savings associated with developing a combined & effective approach in coupling a safety program with your insurance & risk management practices. We administer this program to help you become more desirable to insurance carriers, which in turn, can deliver a savings on the premiums offered per line of coverage.

Our safety, training & compliance services include but are not limited to :

  • Safety Program Development – Company specific Safety Manuals & Policies
  • Master Service Agreement (MSA) Indemnity Language, Insurance Review and Negotiation ServicesWork Comp EMOD analysis through Modmasters
  • Safety/Loss Control Review & Recommendations
  • Newsletters of the latest & most common Industry Specific OSHAA and DOT Violations.
  • Accident Reporting Kits
  • Vehicle Maintenance Logs
  • Forklift Training
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Defensive Driver Training
  • Fall Protection Training & Policy
  • Ladder Safety Training
  • Legal Tools
  • Experience Modification Factor (EMR) Management and Reduction Services
  • Insurance & Risk Management Due Diligence Services (for clients acquiring businesses)
    OSHA 10 hour & 30 Hour Certification
  • OSHA Compliance & Reporting
  •  Return to Work Policy
  • Employee Safety Manuals
  • Risk Insight & Consultation
  • Safeland Training Energy related Transportation
  • 3rd party compliance services for ISNET World, PICs, PEC, Veriforce, Cert Con etc.

For more information on what safety services that we can provide for your business. Contact us and we can log you into the customer portal and we can help you navigate the website to get a feel for the broad range of services that are available at your fingertips.