Risk Assessment

insurance-strategyAt The Maxwell Insurance Group, we identify potential losses and locate the possible causes in order to create an effective risk strategy with the most an appropriate plan for risk control, risk transfer and insurance carrier placement. When it comes to risk management, we are here to help our clients & prospective clients identify, eliminate, mitigate and transfer the potential exposures that they face. We are also here to help implement your risk management strategy. We are a proud member of Incite Performance Group, whom provide us with all the necessary tools and resources for the most effective risk management for our clients.  Incite Performance Group is an excellent source of information for exclusive independent insurance agents all over the United States who choose Incite Performance Group for their risk consulting needs.


dreamstime_xs_46359235Research has shown that there is a significant dollar savings associated with developing a combined & effective approach to managing risk together with insurance, and safety. We administer this program to help you become more desirable to insurance carriers, which will in turn,  deliver a desirable premium offered for all lines of coverage for businesses.




Risk management services include but are not limited to:

  • Contractual Risk Transfer Review
  • Insurance Coverage Review and Recommendations
  • Insurance Audit Review and Recommendations
  • Master Service Agreement Specifications & Compliance Reviews
  • Subcontract Agreement Review & Compliance
  • Provide Truck Cameras for Heavy Transportation Risks
  • Insurance Company Specific Insurance Submission Requirements & Consultation
  • Claims Review and Consultation
  • Review and Consultation of Insurance Policies
  • Insurance Misclassification Consultation
  • Catastrophe Plan and Implementation
  • Emerging Risk Discovery and Risk Plan Implementation


To schedule an appointment for a risk assessment for your business. Contact an agent at The Maxwell Insurance Group.