Business Insurance – Surety Bonds – Safety – Risk Management

Why Parter with the Maxwell Insurance Group?

The Maxwell Insurance Group provides insurance, surety bonding, safety, and risk management services for businesses to maximize the benefits they receive by naming us as their trusted insurance advisor. The most effective way for owners to consistently have access to the best insurance policies is to master the ability to effectively manage risk & to maintan the best practices for safety & compliance. Insurance agents do not set rates for insurance carriers. That process is left up to underwriting managers with the insurance company. Our job is to advise and implement best practices with the knowledge and the resources that we have available in order for businesses to become prime candidates for carrier placement.

How can the Maxwell Insurance Group make a difference for my business?

Studies have shown that every 1 out of 4 insurance applications submitted to insurance companies by insurance agents have either inaccurate, outdated, incomplete, or omitted information within the file. This issue is very troublesome to insurance carriers because it can prevent an underwriter from properly covering, rating and classifying a business . At the Maxwell Insurance Group, we have invested and cultivated relationships with several major national A rated insurance & bonding markets.

Who does the Maxwell Insurance Group serve? 

The Maxwell Insurance Group primarily focuses on serving clients in the energy, manufacturing, construction, and transportation industries for Louisiana and Texas based businesses. However, our services offer a broad range of national insurance programs & related value added services to cover and manage almost any size & type of business in the United States.